First attempts to install Railroad

October 7, 2004 at 10:21 am

Kit Blake from Infrae gave a talk about Railroad at the Plone conference in Vienna,but
unfortunately I was unable to attend because it was at the same time
that I was giving a lightning talk about Plone4Artists in the other
room. However, I sat down with Kit later to have a closer look at
Railroad. We quickly discovered that Railroad has some pretty demanding
dependencies, and the documentation on how to get it all set up is

Fortunately, Jan Wijbrand Kolman had gotten it all set up on Kit’s Mac
laptop for demo purposes, and was available on IRC to assist me (“jw”
on #railroad).

  • install apache2 using fink
  • install python 2.3.3 using fink
  • download and install mod_python

(my pc)     ./configure –with-apxs2=/sw/bin/apxs –with-python=/sw/bin/python
(kit’s pc)    ./configure –prefix=/sw –with-python=/sw/bin/python2.3

  • enable mod_python, mod_dav, mod_davfs in /sw/etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Now don’t forget to edit your main config and add
    LoadModule python_module /sw/lib/apache2/modules/
and if your configuration uses ClearModuleList, then also
    AddModule mod_python.c

  • install the pydavclient

cd /usr/local/src/pydavclient
sudo /sw/bin/python2.3 install

  • install libxml2 using fink



tar xvfz libxml2-2.6.7.tar.gz
cd libxml2-2.6.7
./configure –prefix=/sw –with-python=/sw/bin/python2.3