Modify the newsletter to only include content from the current folder and below

November 23, 2004 at 9:36 pm

Below you can see the diff. I added some more content types to check
for, removed the publish state (only because it’s easier while
testing), and added a path criterion which looks in the parent of the
CMFNewsletter object.

Learning python

November 9, 2004 at 1:59 pm

I consider myself a python newbie, although I must admit that when
I’m reading other people’s python code, it looks fairly
straightforward. I still need to get some of the fundamentals down, and
have therefore designed an independent study for myself including the
following lessons.

Some other more project related tasks:

  • Try out the Customization Policy and SetupWidget examples from
    the sample chapter from Cameron Cooper’s new book that David Convent
    sent me.
  • Try subclassing the ATEvent content type in ATContentTypes to allow for an event to be linked to a place (Venue) object.

Products to evaluate

November 9, 2004 at 1:38 pm

I’ve been downloading more products than I have time to evaluate. First
priority is to get the ArtistPortfolio product that I’m working on
ready for a public release.

Then I will turn my attention to re-setting up the testing instance (to
be at which will have the following products
available. My hope is that if I make the site publicly accessible,
others will try out the products and help submit bug reports.

Plone products to evaluate

coming soon to a site near you!


Mailing lists


Installation and multi-site configuration

Hit counters / Ratings

  • mxmCounter ‰ÛÒ count the number of times a page gets hit
  • ATRatings
  • CMFRatings


  • PloneWebmail ‰ÛÒ can set up email account on

Member registration

  • CMFMember
  • CMFMemberExample

Misc products

  • PloneMap
  • PloneFormMailer
  • GroupStaging


  • QuotaAW
  • ATContentTypes (quota features)


  • CMFMetadata (Creative Commons)
  • PloneCC

External content from other sites

  • CMFSin + CMFSinParsers
  • PloneRSSSearch
  • PloneAtom
  • pybloglines
  • CMFFeed


  • ZPhotoSlides
  • CMFPhoto + CMFPhotoAlbum
  • FSPhoto

Resource Library

  • ATAmazon
  • ATBookmarks
  • CMFLinkChecker

Customer Support

  • MailManager – Zope product to handle customer support requests


  • CSSManager
  • Colorz


  • PortalTransitions ‰ÛÒ email artists when their portfolios are published
  • DCWorkflowDump
  • DCWorkflowGraph


  • VerboseSecurity
  • PloneErrorReporting
  • DocFinderTab
  • ZopeTestCase
  • WebDAVLogger

Dynamic pages

  • CompositePack
  • DynamicPageView
  • CMFContentPanels


  • LinguaPlone
  • PloneTranslations
  • PloneLanguageTool


  • CMFNewsletter
  • PloneNewsletter
  • PloneGazette


  • PlonePortlets
  • PloneExtendedPortlets
  • SimplePortlet


  • PloneChat
  • PloneIM


  • CalendarX
  • PloneiCalendar
  • Calendaring


  • TeamSpaces
  • GrufSpaces
  • MxmGroups

User folders

  • ExUserFolder
  • LDAPUserFolderExt

Speed / Performance

  • CMFSquidTool
  • SpeedPack

File system

  • PloneLocalFolderNG
  • PloneSingleFolderFS
  • Railroad


  • TextIndexNG

ATAudio and ID3

November 9, 2004 at 8:28 am

Yesterday I released a new version (0.3.5) of ATAudio, but with some
reservation since the ID3 tag extraction mysteriously stopped working.

What is very strange is that the ID3 tag extraction works when
uploading the MP3 file via WebDAV, but not when uploading in the web

What is even more strange is that the Title field is successfully extracted, but not the artist, album and year fields.

I’ve called on the pyfu master Sean Treadway to shed some light on
this, since he is the mastermind behind the ID3Storage component.

More to come as this mystery unfolds…