When I was a kid, I used to stay up late reading under the covers with a flashlight. It’s probably one reason why I have poor eyesight – well, that and staring at a computer screen for hours on end. I used to go to the Hennepin Public Library and get all kinds of books to read.

Nowadays if I can’t find the book at the Boston Public Library or Somerville Public Library, I buy the paper copies or read the eBook version on my Kindle. I have a wishlist on Amazon of around 200 books, a special wishlist for books that are available on Kindle and yet another wishlist for business/sales/marketing books.

My book collection

I’ve also started scanning the barcodes of my paper books and adding them to Goodreads, a book reading community site. I’m hoping that this will alert me to books that I’ve long forgotten and would like to revisit, or books that I should really get rid of because they’re just taking up space. Many books I don’t plan on reading again, or they are books that I never will read. Best to give them away via Bookcrossing or Little Free Library.


You might have a book that I want to read, or maybe I have one that you’d like to read. Amazon allows for lending of Kindle books to people you know. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library which lets you borrow for free one book per month with no due dates.

Lendle lets you lend and borrow Kindle books from people you don’t know! Check out my Lendle profile to see what books I have.

To the right are some books that I’ve read. Visit my Goodreads profile to see what else is on my bookshelf. Occasionally I’ll post a book review to this blog, and you can see all of the book reviews that have been tagged “book review”.