I love to travel. I did a study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark my senior year of college. After graduating, I traveled solo for two months all over Europe. It was an amazing experience and it gave me the travel bug. I’ve since been back to Europe many times, as well as Brazil and Indonesia. I really want to visit Africa some day, and I’m intrigued by the culture of India and the Far East.


Documenting with photos

I like to take photos when I’m traveling, and you can see many of them in my Flickr galleries, or in the photography posts on my blog.

Staying with fellow travelers

I’m a lifetime member of Hosteling International and prefer to stay in hostels where I can meet like-minded travelers. I’ve also used Couchsurfing a few times and I’ve also really enjoyed using Airbnb as a guest and a host.

Past and upcoming trips

You can see my past and upcoming trips on Tripit. I used to use Dopplr, but the site has been quite slow lately, so I’ll probably use Tripit from now on.

More travel