International Software Freedom Day

September 15, 2007 at 10:28 am

Today I’m going down to check out the Boston Software Freedom Day hosted by the Free Software Foundation (which is headquartered in Boston, and their site runs Plone!), BinaryFreedom and the Boston Free Culture.

This event is part of a larger worldwide coordinated Software Freedom Day, whereby activists from around the world join together to promote free software. Over 330 teams from over 90 countries are participating!

Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software.

I’m particularly looking forward to hear the talk about Drupal for non-profits. While I’m a staunch Plone advocate, I often get asked the question, so why should I use Plone instead of Drupal? I know that Drupal is a very capable CMS, but I’m curious to see what the sales proposition is to a non-profit audience.

They are also going to have people on hand to assist in installing Rockbox, an open firmware for portable music players. Maybe I’ll bring my aging iPod and dump Apple’s firmware in favor of Rockbox. It does look quite featureful.